Hometown Hero Project


Advanced Targeting


Target potential customers based on shopping and social habits



Guaranteed Views


Based on your selected package, you are guaranteed a minimum number of views



Direct Link


Mobile ads linked directly to your existing website or social media page


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Geo Fencing

The Perfect Business Investment

Extreme Targeting


Geofencing gives businesses the competitive edge by getting hyperlocal. Not just “City” local, or “Downtown” local, but more like “the corner of Main St. and 4th Avenue” local.

Consumers Are Mobile


81% of Americans own a smartphone and the average person spends over four hours a day on there device. Taking advantage of geofencing means that you advertising dollar will be well invested.

Better Results


Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a traditional ad that will yield a low response, you are getting your product or service in front of the people most likely to buy it based on where they are or what they are doing. Research has shown that location-based advertising is 20 times more effective in generating returns than traditional advertising.

Hard to Ignore


Geofencing draws upon the same mindset as “impulse buying” at grocery stores; when something is right in front of a customer, they are more likely to purchase it. We offer this direct marketing, and Geofencing also offers enhanced opportunities for customization.

Creative Design

Our talented art department can create you a beautiful, attention-getting mobile ad

Custom Demographics

With special targeting packages, we can make sure your ads are view by those most likely to need your services

Affordable Price

Affordable pricing saves you time and money on advertising, allowing you to save for leisure activities

About Us

We Are the Number
One Socially-Conscious Geo Fencing Company

Our clients give us the opportunity to help heroes throughout the nation. From veterans to teachers, we support those who need it the most. Join our Geo Fencing project today and help us continue our program.

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Happy Clients

With geo fencing I was able to inform potential clients about my business on a much larger scale.

Danyel Yarde, State Farm Insurance

Lead Agent

My mobile ads were professionally designed and have attracted a lot of attention.

Susan K DeMeier, Massage Therapy

CEO & Founder

Geo fencing was the best business decision I have ever made when it comes to advertising. Money well spent.

Jonathan Gregs, CENTURY 21