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Action Video Ads

Action Video Ads

Your hard earned marketing budget needs to WORK WORK and WORK some more.

The  #1 Revenue Generating  ads are Action Video Ads.

They work by being simple and effective.

  • Setup and launch time is reduced to 2-3 days. During this crisis you do not have time to waste – You are open for business right NOW! And can ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation, safely serving your clients.
  • Cost of Action Video Ads are the lowest in terms of monthly cost and cost per client. Most of our clients are seeing 15 – 25 clicks per each one thousand views!
  • No need to wait for approvals, no need for logos or photos.Get this working for you NOW!

Everyone is attracted to ACTION!

Step 1 – Take a look at the Action Video Ad Templates below and choose the one best for your business.

Step 2 – Choose the wording you want displayed or select from our top result tag lines.

  • Include your company name and tag line, just your tag line or neither your name nor tag line.
  • If you are under the jurisdiction of a licensing board we can include all of the required disclosures on your landing page.

Step 3 – Choose the bundle that best works for you.

  • You can change your plan later to adjust to your current business strategy.
  • Yes, you can change the wording later!
  • Yes, you can even change the videos!
  • Easy Geo Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way!

Action Video Ad Template Choices

Click on a Line of Business Tab & then Click on the Images Shown to See the Videos in Action.

Click on Your Line of Business Above & then Click on the Images Shown to See the Videos in Action.

attention grabbing Tag Lines

  1. A Better Policy for Better Protection
  2. Do Not Compromise with the Security of your Loved Ones
  3. Don’t Worry. Your Future is our Priority.
  4. Enhancing Your Today and Tomorrow
  5. Get Your Life Insured Before it Makes You Unsure
  6. Get the Power to Protect your Future
  7. Insurance for the Peaceful Life
  8. Insured Love is True Love
  9. Life is Not Predictable, but Insurance Can Be
  10. Protecting You and Your Family for the Unpredictable Future
  11. Save Money on Insurance for a Better Tomorrow
  12. Get a Better Plan for a Better Tomorrow
  13. Insurance is our Business
  1. Speedy Loan Approval of your Dream Home
  2. I Speak Fluent Mortgage – Ask Me a Question!
  3. Act Now Before Rates Increase!
  4. Lock in Your Low Rate Today
  5. Choose Your Dream Home, We’ll Do the Rest
  6. Simple Mortgage Loans
  7. Loans: The Way They Should Be
  8. Opening Doors — Closing Loans
  9. The Key to Your Castle
  10. Finally. Mortgages Done Better.
  11. Ready for Your Next Move?
  12. You Find the Home. I’ll Find the Loan.
  13. Honest Answers — Stress-Free Closings
  14. Local. Experienced. Trusted.
  15. Helping You Afford the American Dream
  16. Your Home Loan Specialist
  17. Your Best Friend in the Mortgage Industry
  18. Turning the American Dream into Reality
  19. Meet your Lender for Life
  20. We Simplify the Complex Mortgage Process
  1. Veteran Approved Realtor & VA Loan Specialist
  2. Thinking of Buying a Home? Need To Sell Your Home?
  3. Turn Your VA Loan Into Your Dream Home!
  4. Experts in the Local Market
  5. Experienced in Saving You Money
  6. Your Concern Is My Priority
  7. Looking Out for You Best
  8. It’s Your Journey. We’re Here to Help.
  9. Let Us Guide You Home
  10. Your Dreams Can Come True
  11. Homework Is What I Do Best
  12. Coming Soon to a Closing Near You!
  13. Everything I Touch Turns to Sold
  14. Real Service, Real Solutions, Real Estate
  15. Where Do You Want to Live?
  16. Real Experts in Real Estate
  1. My super power is under the hood.
  2. Got wheels? Burn ’em.
  3. Proud to be reckless
  4. Adventure on Wheels
  5. Qualified car veterans.
  6. Not your average car.
  7. No one knows cars like us.
  8. Drive it like you stole it!
  9. Step on the Gas and Leave a Mark
  10. Drive Your Soul Out
  11. Beyond the red line
  12. There is a bit of a car in all of us.
  13. Shift, Throttle & Roll!
  14. Embrace the pace!
  15. Find your boost


  1. 24/7 plumbing, we show up
  2. A good flush beats a full house
  3. Call the best, flush the rest.
  4. Call us when your backed up
  5. Don’t sleep with a drip, call your plumber
  6. Got a leak, I’ll take a peek
  7. Honest. professional. Affordable.
  8. If it weren’t for us, you’d have no place to go
  9. If water runs through it…. We Do It!
  10. One call does it all.
  11. One Call Unclogs Em All
  12. Our reputation has leaked out
  13. Plumbers have pipe dreams’
  14. Plumbing done right. Guaranteed!
  15. Plumbing repairs and honest answers.
  16. Premier service. Premier quality.
  17. Professional plumbing, friendly service.
  18. Professional, affordable and we always leave the seat down
  19. The best place to take your leaks
  20. We’re #1 in the #2 business


  1. Hot or Cold, our service is gold.
  2. You’re hot, you should get your A/C fixed
  3. We care about your air!
  4. We blow Hot and Cold
  5. We live and breathe your air
  6. A flair for air
  7. The only way to blow hot and cold
  8. Too Cold? Too Hot? Just Right!
  9. Air Express Never Less
  10. We’ll Leave The Air On For Ya!
  11. Your One Stop Shop for Everything Air
  12. Hot or Cold, we’ve got you covered.
  13. Better air, better life
  14. We’re Full of Hot Air And Pretty Cool Too
  15. Your Family Air Care
  16. Relaxed, Pleasant, Comfort
  17. We adapt to any weather.
  18. Air or Heat, We Can’t Be Beat
  19. We keep the temperature balanced
  20. We Bring Good Air To You

Lawn Services

  1. Landscape luxury made affordable.
  2. Think creative landscaping. Think us.
  3. Verdant virtue is found here.
  4. Healthy landscapes. Guaranteed.
  5. Your lawn’s beautician.
  6. We dig your gardening demands.
  7. Tilling is a farmer’s job and mowing is ours.
  8. Your landscaping sensation, every season.
  9. Gardening is your work of art and mowing is ours.
  10. We know how to deal with your dirt!
  11. Your landscape specialist.
  12. Your full service lawn care company.
  13. You grow it, we’ll mow it!
  14. Year-round care for your lawn and landscape.
  1. Life’s too short for boring food
  2. Just like grandma used to make
  3. Farm to fork
  4. Play with your food!
  5. More flavor for less
  6. You deserve it!
  7. See you tomorrow!
  8. Every day is a good day for your restaurant
  9. A taste of home
  10. Taste the difference
  11. Your happy place
  12. Foodies welcome
  13. We’re always in the mood for food
  14. Make food, not war
  15. Delight in every bite
  16. What can we get you?
  17. The only thing we love more than food is you!
  18. The food dudes
  19. Food with attitude
  1. Young At Heart
  2. Enjoy Your Bold Age.
  3. When age doesn’t matter
  4. Growing old with Grace
  5. Go Ahead… Have A Senior Moment!
  6. Make Life Golden
  7. Have The Prime of Your Life
  8. Time to liven up!
  9. It Gets Better With Age!
  10. Dignity in Care, Independence in your home.
  11. Our care is your independence.
  12. All the care that you need.
  13. The care you need in your own home.
  14. Quality care at home.
  15. We care the way you would.
  16. Our care: Their independence.
  17. Providing the care your loved ones deserve
  18. Independent Needs Met With Care.
  19. We’re Concerned. We Care.
  20. A lifetime of health care in your home



$ 119
Per Month*
  • Up to 10 Mile Radius from your Business
  • 264 Clicks/Engagements
  • Choose Any Video Ad Design
  • Target Everyone in Your Reach Area
  • Drive Traffic DIRECTLY to Your Website


$ 219
Per Month*
  • Reach Choices:

    • City Wide or

    • Up to 5 Zip Codes or

    • Up to 10 Mile Radius
  • 528 Clicks/Engagements
  • Targeting Choices:

    • Everyone in Your Reach Area or

    • Standard Targeting Groups
  • Ad Design Choices:

    • Any Action Video Ad or

    • Customized Still Ad
  • Landing Page Choices:

    • DIRECTLY to your Website or

    • Click to Call or

    • Custom Landing Page
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$ 319 Per Month*
  • Reach Choices:

    • City Wide or

    • Up to 5 Zip Codes or

    • Up to 10 Mile Radius or

    • Metro Area Wide
  • 1,056 Clicks/Engagements
  • Targeting Choices:

    • Everyone in Your Reach Area or

    • Standard Targeting Groups or

    • Premium Targeting Groups
  • Ad Design Choices:

    • Any Action Video Ad or

    • Customized Still Ad
  • Landing Page Choices:

    • DIRECTLY to your Website or

    • Click to Call or

    • Custom Landing Page or

    • Custom Landing Page PRO

* Prices displayed in USD, based on a 12 month commitment, and do not include applicable taxes.