Supporting Your Community

  • A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) has a purpose to create a positive impact on society.
  • To qualify as a Public Benefit Corporation, Hometown Hero Project (Easy Geo Fencing) has a responsibility to take into account the interests of the community it serves and be a force for good and to continue doing so in order to maintain its earned status.
  • Our charter states that we must give back to the communities that we work with.
Every sale in every community we work with, 10% of every dollar paid on the day of sale is donated to Helping American Heroes who ensures the money is spent wisely in local communities. Helping American Heroes is a non profit 501c3 HAHUSA works with many great non-profits including (for teachers) and all Veteran clubs (American Legions, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and many more)
Absolutely! Please go to and we will pass on the information to the folks at HAHUSA.ORG who will contact the appropriate non profit (, American Legions, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and many more) to see how we can help.
Each month Helping American Heroes will email you updates on who has been helped.
Your payment is deductible as an advertising expense, a paid receipt is sent after each payment. By including everyones donation in a single payment, saves thousands of dollars yearly in credit card processing fees!
  • Although we can't promise the Hero you want can be donated to, we really encourage you to submit their information at
  • HAHUSA is the organization that we partner with to handle all of the donations. You may be familiar with "The United Way". You can compare HAHUSA to them....they both act as trusted organizations to ensure the money is well spent.