Advertising to the Right People at the Right Place & Time


How are we so successful at targeting who YOU WANT with your advertising dollars?


carefully selected set of successful targeting groups ensures you’ll reach your target audience whether they are in a residential setting or commercial area.

Using demographics allows us to better reach your target audience. Looking to target Men or Women? Seniors? Millennials? High Income Households?  Not a problem.


Target only the areas where your clients are. How far do you want to go to find new customers?

Choose from our City WideMetro Area WideState Wide or Nation Wide packages.

Target only certain types of businesses – example only target fast food restaurants or even target a specific business, like McDonalds. You control where and who will see your ad!!

View counts to fit any budget.  Don’t pay for more than you need, We can create campaigns ranging from 4,000 views per month to over 100,000 views per month.


Set specific dates for your ad to be seen.  Want to advertise only on the weekends? Is Monday the perfect day to get your brand in front to future customers? Customize your campaigns to best fit your needs.

Choose when your ad is seen.  You control the time of day your ad campaign is working for you on 1-hour intervals through the day!