Automotive Final – Easy Geo

Automotive Final

Manufacturers may have special rebate programs designed specifically for the heroes we are trying to help support.

When trying to sell GeoFencing to an automotive transport company, what should you focus on?

Jack owns a small engine repair shop in Florida. He wants to help support the veterans, but he doesn't like advertising on the internet because it gives too much power to customers to rate their services. What, if anything, should you tell Jack?

On average, a dented bumper can cost how much to repair?

Despite online services which allow people to purchase vehicles from one another, dealerships are still the primary means of purchasing a vehicle.

If you buy an electrical part from a salvage yard, it is a good idea to have it checked before you purchase it.

In order to boost sales at the end of a vehicle production year, manufacturers will often do which of the following?

When a rental car company needs to update the vehicles in their rental inventory, what do they do with their current inventory? (Select all that apply)

What are some facts about the average tow company? (Select all that apply)

What is the average cost to tow a vehicle?

Full-service salvage yards allow the customer to wander the lot and pick out their own parts.

What is the industry name for the inventory financing that dealerships use?

What type of salvage yard allows a buyer to walk around the yard and pick out the parts they want themselves?

Which of the following is a good statement to make to a parts dealer?

Smaller auto glass companies have roughly how many installation vans.

Why should you ask an auto glass installer if they do emergency installations?

There are more than 700,000 auto service technicians and mechanics in the United States.

You are talking to Henry, the owner of Henry's Used Cars. He states his business is largely based on word of mouth. How can you excite him about our services?

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