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As an agent dealing with financial planners, it is a good idea to have some basic knowledge about different financial products so that the advisers think you know a little about what you are talking about.

As an agent, why is it important for you to know the basics about some of the financial instruments? (Select all that apply)

What is the primary difference between a 529 Plan and a 401(k)?

You are talking to Sarah, a investment broker. She states that she doesn't know how GeoFencing could work for her. How could you respond? (Select all that apply)

According to the latest information from the Federal Reserve, credit debt has exceeded what dollar amount?

You are talking to, John, an investment broker in San Diego who does not see any benefit to advertising with us. What should you say?

When talking to an estate planner, it is good to concentrate on the emotional side of helping people prepare for the future, but also explain how GeoFencing is an economic way to promote their services.

As a sales agent you are talking to a retirement planner whose mother was a teacher. Which statement below is a good one liner?

A person's estate includes which of the following?

Defaulted student loans drop off a credit report after two years.

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