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As a sales agent you are talking to a retirement planner whose mother was a teacher. Which statement below is a good one liner?

Which option below is a good way to help you build a connection between our program and the services of a broker?

Loaning someone money to start or build a business can be considered an alternative investment, and it would be a good idea to contact a financial advisor before doing so.

Which of the following are types of life insurance policies? (Select all that apply)

You are talking to Sarah, a investment broker. She states that she doesn't know how GeoFencing could work for her. How could you respond? (Select all that apply)

You are talking to, John, an investment broker in San Diego who does not see any benefit to advertising with us. What should you say?

As an agent dealing with financial planners, it is a good idea to have some basic knowledge about different financial products so that the advisers think you know a little about what you are talking about.

What is the title of the court that officially decides how a person's belongings are to be distributed after their death?

A person's estate includes which of the following?

George, a debt counselor, tells you that he offers Veterans and other local heroes a discounted rate. What should you say to George?

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