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Insurance Final

Insurance agents are typically educated and have some basic knowledge of finance.

An agent you are talking to says he's not allowed to purchase his own advertising because of compliance issues with his corporate office. What can you say in response?

If a customer orders a geofencing package with 4000 views per month, how many clicks can you guarantee?

In order to save money on insurance, it is usually best to purchase a policy that offers what you need and leave all the extras behind.

You are talking to Jennifer, an office manager for a group of insurance agents. She states that all the agents are busy with clients. How should you proceed? (Select all that apply)

As a HTH sales agent, you are the middleman between real estate agents and exposure to 1 million visitors to our web directory.

Why do insurance agents have some basic knowledge of the finance industry?

Some mortgage lenders require buyers to purchase homeowners insurance.

What does an insurance agent do?

Insurance agents are generally impatient people, so you should get through your pitch as quickly as possible.

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