Retail Final

Florists will typically do which of the following? (Select all that apply)

Consignment stores and pawn brokers are the same thing.

What are key points to bring up with a furniture store?

You are talking to Max, the owner of The Urge Vape Shop. He isn't sure how our program can help his business. Which statements below could help you with a sale?

Many owners of consignment stores have learned the marketing value of using which word instead of "used"?

Which retailers tend to do well regardless of the economy or season? (Select all that apply)

Which information below is good to use with the owner/decision-maker of a consignment store?

Pawn shops are also considered to be retailers.

You are calling a NAPA Auto Parts store. Which questions below would be useful during the conversation? (Select all that apply)

Why are more and more large department stores closing brick-and-mortar locations?

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