“Buyers buy houses and Sellers buy Marketing!”

If you’re reading this, you know that the real money in this business happens when you list a home for sale. Low inventory, high prices and record fast sales create for what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Real Estate Listing Agents

Without maximum exposure and a strong marketing system, the chances of listing a home are greatly reduced.

So, you can spend your advertising budget on haphazardly blanketing the area by zip code or neighborhood and hope someone that is interested sees your ad. Or, you can target an audience that is significantly more likely to be interested in their home for sale.

With the Real Estate Active Home Seller Package from Easy Geo-Fencing, you can be confident that your listing is being seen by the right people at the right time.

The Real Estate Active Home Seller Package enables you to target individuals who have been identified by our advanced targeting programs to identify individuals who are actively looking to sell their homes.

Advertise your listing services to potential home sellers who are not working with an agent, even advertise a current listing!

Add this upgrade to our Real Estate Pro Package or VA Loan Specialist Package and turbo-charge your advertising dollar!