Challenge: Finding qualified applicants who currently work as properly licensed truck drivers along I-5 in California.
Solution: Geofence rest areas and popular stops along major routes with a radius of around 3,000 ft. Deliver messaging within applications with enticing incentives such as a signing bonus and linking to the company career page and job posting.
Results: Campaign acheived 75k impressions and 1.54% engagement rate from interstitial ads. The campaign also had 330 actions and a .44% Click Thru Rate (well above normal standards).
Challenge: Finding highly-qualified and specialized nursing staff for Atlanta hospital.
Solution: Geofence other top-rated hospitals and medical facilities in the area.
Results: Achieved more than 21,000 impressions resulting in a click-through-rate of .46%
Challenge: In the highly competitive industry of pizza delivery, Domino’s is trying to reach hotel guests on their mobile device and link to multiple ordering options for easy purchase.
Solution: Geofences were placed to trigger mobile advertising on popular apps and mobile sites around many area hotels through out south Florida. Geofencing the hotels has given the ability to run different ads through out the campaign some being just for that particular audience. From an ad click the mobile user goes to a special landing page with multiple options for ordering and app download and finding the nearest location.
Results: It has shown success with linking mobile users to online ordering options and app download for both iPhone and Android devices.