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What is
audience targeting?

Audience Targeting is a way for you to reach likely consumers with precision and scale based on their online and offline behaviors, interests, location, and demographic information.

Easy Geo Fencing uses a combination of Location Based Audience Targeting and Behavior Based Audience Targeting.

Location Based Audience targeting

With Location Audience Targeting you can target potential customers based on their real-time location and location history. With the highest quality data, you can target based on people who have visited any location or category of locations within a specified time frame.


Behavioral Audience Targeting combine visitation behaviors with demographic information to build sophisticated audience profiles. This data can then be used to target potential customers based on their lifestyle and interests.

targeting GROUPS?

Easy Geo Fencing has taken all of the guesswork out of selecting the right targeting groups.

Our team of experienced professionals have combed through the seemingly endless number of targeting groups to develop the best set of targeting combinations for your line of business.  

You will find these in our Standard Targeting Group option. Looking for more flexibility, you can mix and match these targeting groups as part of our Premium Targeting Group plan, available in our Premium Bundle.

Looking for even more customization?  We can build a customized plan for your business!

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