ultimate Guide to great mobile ads

Action is

Adding action to your ad makes it stand out to customers and entices more clicks.  According to recent studies, ads with animation were clicked on 125% more often than static ads!

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is More:

You’re working with limited screen space, so you don’t want to annoy your audience by screaming at them, and assaulting their eyes with a visually busy banner.

Ads with copy that’s 10 words or fewer perform 67% better when it comes to click rates. In other words, keep your message short and sweet and let your visuals do the talking.


always include
a call to action:

Featuring a CTA with the words “buy now” improves visitation rate performance by 51% over the average, so depending on what you want the user’s next move to be — watch a video, learn more, and so on — you always need to encourage them to take action.

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