What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-fencing delivers maximum benefits by displaying advertisements that utilize GPS on a user’s smartphone when a person enters or leaves a particular geographic area. Think of Geo-fencing as a digital boundary that can be as large or small as you want, wherever you want!

Here are some sample locations a fitness center can target:

  1. Weight Loss Centers (local or national)
  2. Juice Bars (i.e. Jamba Juice)
  3. Vitamin Stores (i.e. GNC)
  4. Sporting Good Stores
  5. Healthy Grocers (i.e. Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods)
  6. Other Gyms (i.e. LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym)

Again, as an example; a fitness center can also target people who meet any of these categories:

  1. Fit Moms
  2. Sports Enthusiasts
  3. People Who Recently Moved
  4. Cyclists
  5. CrossFit Affiliates



geo example

When someone enters the area outlined in your geofencing, they will see an ad that appears while they are in the fenced area.