Geo-Fencing Basics

What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-fencing uses mobile location services to reach consumers in real-time when they are in or near a store or other physical location (could be a city, or zip code etc.) and also can include targeted groups of people who share similar characteristics based on their history of where they have visited and data from their online searches and website visits.

When a consumer enters this “fence” which can be:

1. Physical (open houses) or 

2. Demographic – geo-fencing allows you to deliver an advertisement to that consumer in an effort to influence their purchases or behavior. 

For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to target consumers shopping in a nearby, you could set up geo-fencing around nearby stores so when consumers walk into those places, they will be served your advertisement.

What is a Geo-Fence?

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter marking a real geographic area. Think of it as a virtual fence.

The area can be as big as a state, a zip code, and addresses or as small as one building. Geo-fences can also take different shapes.

What is a Targeting Group?

So you’ve chosen your geo-fence location, now it’s time to set a targeting group. Easy Geo finds the set of people who have characteristics of the exact type of client you need to advertise to. This is based on their history of movement into and out of various geo-fences and their web searches and the sites they visit.

For example, people who visit an open house in your geo-fence area can be shown your ad on their mobile phone or on their home TV for up to 90 days after the visit. 

how does geo-fencing work?

Step 1:

Your ad is shown in only the best areas to reach your most highly desired clients.

Step 2:

Your ideal customer demographics are identified by interests, age, income and more! This allows you to “drill down” to advertise to the next customer your business needs.  

Step 3:

When people who match your targeted group walk into the fenced area they can be shown the ad through 1000’s of different smart phone apps.

Step 4: (optional)

Continue to display your ad to people who matched your customer demographics and entered your geo-fenced area.
Even while they are outside of the geo-fence!

How We Make Geo-Fencing 'Easy'

Proven Target Groups

We have created proven and effective targeting groups for every type of business.

Landing Page Options

Choose to direct potential clients to your website, one of our custom landing page options or have the ad initiate a phone call directly to you.

Multiple Ad Options

Choose from still ad and action video ad options to relay your message.

Client Success Team

Our client success team is with you every step of the way. Available by phone or email.

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