When will my ad launch?

With Action Video Ads, setup and launch time is reduced to 2-3 days

Action Video Ads drive traffic to your website or landing page, using Action Video Ads our clients are seeing 15 – 25 clicks per each one thousand views!

Will I know if my ad is working?

You will, with Geo-Reports showing how many views and clicks your ad has received so you know your ads are working hard for you.

Who will see my ads?

Potential customers who live in the zip codes that you are targeting

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a process of using a geofence to target mobile users. Marketers use this technology to collect information about and target their customers while they are in specific areas, known as geofences.

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual perimeter marking a real geographic area. You can see it as a virtual fence. The area it surrounds can be as big as a state, or as small as one large building. Geofences can take different shapes. For more straightforward cases it could be round. For complex situations, marketers could build polygon shaped geofences.

Where does my ad show?

Easy Geo gives you access to thousands of apps. Because each prospect is a unique person, we don’t have a preset list of places your ad is shown. Your ad will show on popular mobile apps used by the people you are targeteting.

Do I have to pick the apps?

Think of us as your digital billboard. Anybody in your hometown using their phone can see it. No matter which app shows your ad, you can be assured that it is only targeting people in the area of your choosing.

What size are the ads?

320×50 and 300×250 are the sizes used on mobile ads

Can I edit my ad?

Yes, you can update your ad and designation page at any point during your campaign. Updates are unlimited. Just click on “Make Changes”, or if you have already approved your advertisement call 800-863-2541.

What will happen when someone clicks on my ad?

In addition to promoting your business, our service also connects you with potential interested customers. When a user clicks on your ad, it means they are interested in your business. They can directly visit your listing on our website, your website or a custom landing page that you design specifically for your mobile advertising campaign.

Why can’t I see my ad?

It’s normal to want to see your GeoFencing ad, and understandably frustrating when it can’t be found! Geofencing mobile ad networks are set up to give you the most bang for your buck and have taken a lot of factors into consideration to ensure just that. Here are a few of those factors;

The Target Demographic May Not Include You

Just because you own or manage a business does not mean that you fit the target demographic. This is certainly different for each company. For example, we have tons of real estate agents running GeoFencing ads and they want to show their ad to these demographics: Active Home Buyers, People Interested in Real Estate Loans, People Interested in Mortgage Insurance, Real Estate Buyers and the Platforms will display their ad to people who fit those demographics only.

Gone are the days of placing an ad then seeing it in a newspaper. Even though you may not see your ad on a mobile phone, we provide you with a personal website that will show your current ad and up to the minute graphs and data  that show exactly when and where your ad was displayed.

You and your employees don’t need to see the ad

Geofencing is based on location. Platforms like Apple, Google and Microsoft can tell if you are in the same location day in and day out. Most likely this means that you are an employee of the business and don’t need to be shown your own ads and the platforms know this.

Your Average Daily Views

If you purchased 4,000 monthly views, your ad will be displayed between 150-200 daily, and could be displayed on any of over 8,000 apps. Increasing your exposure is easy and inexpensive.

How is geofencing used in different industries?

Geofencing can be used in many different ways. Here are some examples of how marketers in various industries already get creative with geofencing:

Retail: Sending promotional messages as shoppers pass by a store to drive visits.

Automotive: Targeting users that are visiting a car dealership (yours or competitor’s).

Airline: Upselling flyers with fast-track services as they walk in the airport.

Mobile payments: Reminding users of places where they can pay as they visit them.

Travel: Enriching user profiles with travelling history to supercharge future targeting.

Dining reviews: Suggesting a list of popular dishes to a guest who visits a particular restaurant.

Coffee chain: Giving discounts to returning customers to build loyalty.

Online store: Targeting competitors locations with deals to lure customers away.

Looking for our W-9?

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