Public Benefit Corporation

We have been officially recognized by the Arizona Department of Commerce as a Public Benefit Corporation announced Scott Balsiger, HTH Project President at a celebration held at their headquarters.

“This is a tremendous honor and reinforces our deep commitment to create positive change in the community through our work. We are thrilled to be counted among other great Public Benefit Companies across America. All of us at HTH Project know that together we can improve and transform lives of our nation’s Heroes and their families”. 

“In our day-to-day business decisions we have a concern for the community especially those who serve as Teachers, Police, Military, and as EMT’s. That approach is now reflected in our Public Benefit Corporation status.”

A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) has a purpose in creating a positive impact on society.

To qualify as a Public Benefit Corporation, a company has a responsibility to take into account the interests of the community it serves and be a force for good and to continue doing so in order to maintain its earned status.


Hometown Hero Project is dedicated to connecting Teachers, Firefighters, Police and Veterans with organizations and businesses who provide resources and services for them.


Duty – Just as our Heroes answered their nation’s call of duty, we believe it is our duty to give back to this dedicated and loyal group.

Honor – We believe that our Heroes deserve to be honored by all those they teach, serve and protect.

Sacrifice – Our Heroes often have sacrificed so much to make America a better country and secure our liberties and safety, they deserve to be acknowledged for those sacrifices.


Educate and raise awareness among the general public about the active duty military, veterans, police officers, 1st responders and teachers who work for a better community by promoting the values of duty, honor, sacrifice and patriotism.


Our parent company is Hometown Hero Project and was founded by Scott Balsiger due to his close affiliation with the Military where he served in the United States Navy. Scott is a member of The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Fleet Reserve Association and also on the board of directors of Helping American Heroes, a 501c3 nonprofit (

The Hometown Hero Project Channel is broadcast on dedicated T.V’s at over 500 Veteran Service Organizations across America. Our programming provides information, resources and entertainment that Veterans enjoy every day.